Whatever He Tells You, Do It!

When Jesus was on earth, he attended a wedding where they ran out of wine for the celebration. How embarrassing! The bridegroom had failed to provide enough for his guests, and was about to be humiliated on his wedding day! Perhaps he wasn’t generous in his plans, or he couldn’t afford enough wine for all his guests.

You know what happened next, don’t you? Jesus’ earthly mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.” (John 2:5 NKJV)

Jesus instructed the servants to fill 6 large jars with water, and then take some out for tasting. It made no sense, for no amount of water can solve a wine shortage! But they obeyed even though they had not yet seen Jesus perform a single miraculous sign.

When the servants obeyed Jesus, plain water turned into top quality wine. Even the wedding manager said so, and he was an expert in such things. Jesus produced wine far better than what the bridegroom had!

Notice that Jesus didn’t explain what he was about to do. He just gave two simple instructions, then waited for the obedience that allowed the servants to become part of Jesus’ first recorded miracle in the Bible!

Dear friend, are you in a situation where you’ve miscalculated and made a big mistake?

Jesus doesn’t ask for the cause of your problems. He does not point out your errors. He can turn things around, just like he did for the unfortunate bridegroom. His solution is far better than what you can afford on your own.

Just be like the obedient servants and participate in God’s miracle. “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

Dear Father,

Thank you for making it simple to see miracles happen in our lives!

Lord, even though it may make no sense, we will obey your instructions. Help us to be still so we can hear your still, small voice in our hearts, telling us what to do.

We believe and commit that whatever we hear you say, we will do. Thank you Lord, for your power at work in our lives!

We pray in Jesus’ Name,