Trust Jesus And Be Righteous

Here’s how to become a righteous person instantly.

Even if you’re a Christian, it’s really important that you know this!

The Bible says,

“Listen! In this man Jesus there is forgiveness for your sins! Everyone who trusts in him is freed from all guilt and declared righteous—something the Jewish law could never do.”
Acts 13:38-39 TLB

-> In Jesus there is forgiveness for your sins! <-

ALL your sins.

The sins you did in the past.

The sins you may be doing right now.

And the sins you may fall into in the future.

There is already forgiveness.

It has already been given!

-> Everyone who trusts in him! <-


No other qualification is needed.

Everyone who TRUSTS.

You can do that right now.

Let go and trust that Jesus is the one and only Way.

-> Everyone who trusts… is FREED from all guilt! <-

Do you feel guilty?

Are people trying to make you feel guilty?

Throw away the guilt – it isn’t yours!

Your sins were put on Jesus, and he became guilty.

You may have sinned, but Jesus took the punishment.

That’s why you are free – free from guilt!

-> Everyone who trusts… is declared RIGHTEOUS! <-

You are righteous… because you believe in Jesus.

That’s all it takes to be a good person.

God DECLARES you are righteous.

Now what do you say about yourself?

-> Something the Jewish law could never do! <-

You CANNOT be righteous even if you have KEPT all the 10 Commandments.

The law cannot make you righteous.

But you CAN be righteous even if you have BROKEN all of them.

Because it’s Jesus who gives you righteousness!

Dear friend, you are righteous when you believe in Jesus Christ.

It is the most important, most powerful, most liberating truth in the Bible.

It is what Christians need to know, every day.

It is the gospel!