The Helmet That Makes You Invincible

Let me tell you about a HELMET that makes you invincible in life.

The Bible explains, “The covering for your head is that you have been saved from the punishment of sin. Put on salvation as your helmet.”

(Ephesians 6:17a NLV/NLT)

Thank about that for a minute.

Your Helmet is SALVATION. If your Helmet is off, you’re vulnerable. If it’s on, you’re INVINCIBLE.

You become invincible when you know that you’re saved BY GRACE. You didn’t deserve it, and nothing you do today can earn it. If God loved you as a sinner, will He love you less as His child?

You’re invincible because your Salvation is FOREVER. The price was the Blood of Jesus, and that Blood is perfect for your sins of yesterday, today and forever!

Your future is BRIGHT because you’re invincible. You have the promises of a blessed life on earth and perfect rest in Heaven – that’s the promise of Salvation. You cannot be defeated!

Ephesians 6 tell us WHY our Helmet keeps us invincible.

Our Helmet of Salvation helps us stand STRONG against the devil’s tricks, because our fight isn’t against human enemies but against evil supernatural forces.

Our Helmet helps us to keep STANDING in the ‘evil day’. That’s the day our life seems to fall apart… when the world crumbles before our eyes. But with your Helmet on, you can stay on your feet.

Dear friend, you already have a FREE Helmet. It’s God’s gift of Salvation.


The next time you’re about to cry out for help, stop for a quiet moment and make sure your Helmet of Salvation is on. Protect your mind with the Gift, the Grace, and the blessed Hope of Salvation.

And then you STAND. Don’t fight, just stand, because the battle is already won!

Let’s pray…

Dear Father,

Thank you for giving us Salvation, which makes us free from condemnation, fear and punishment!

Lord, thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die for our sins! That helps us to feel confident even when we make mistakes. That’s when we put on our Helmet, to protect us with the promise of your Salvation!

We can stand against the condemnation and accusations of the evil one when we put on the Helmet you’ve given us!

Thank you Lord.…we love you so much!

In Jesus’ Name we pray…