Receive More Than You Need!

What is Jesus telling you to do today? If he’s speaking into your situation, you can reach out to collect the provision that is waiting for you!

The disciples of Jesus were fishermen who had spent ALL NIGHT trying to catch fish, but they caught nothing. Imagine how tired and miserable they must have felt!

The next morning, Jesus called out to them from the shore, “THROW your net on the right side of the boat. THERE you will find some fish.”

When they did, they could not pull the net into the boat. There were TOO MANY fish in it. [John 21:6 NIRV]

Now what can we learn from this?

➡️ You need to WORK. Get in your boat, go out and THROW your net!

➡️ You need to OBEY Jesus. When he tells you to cast THERE, throw your net where he leads!

➡️ You need to KNOW Jesus. He will supply more than you need. How would you like to have TOO MANY fish?

Dear friend, many of you have said that your family needs income. Perhaps you’re like the fishermen who needed fish which they could sell for money.

Jesus alone can change your life. Listen to him! Be alert for his voice, and obey when he shows you what to do. He wants income for your family, just as he wanted fish for his disciples.

Jesus is my friend, and I’m writing to you as a friend. After much prayer, we decided to share some ideas for you to earn an income or start your own business.

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God bless you, and remember – listen to Jesus!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for being there in our need to show us where and how we can receive the provision we desperately need!

Lord, we need money for our family, and we know you will make a way. Our income has been provided for at the cross, when you reversed the curse of sin, and we claim it by faith right now!

Thank you Lord for your love and provision!

In Jesus’ Name we pray…