Jesus my Restorer

Have you lost something precious? Has your health, your business, or your family been destroyed ? Has your freedom, your honour or your time been taken away without warning?

Dear friend, find REST in these 8 promises of RESTORATION that are promised to every child of God, through JESUS your RESTORER!

  1. He restores your SOUL – Let Jesus heal your heart and replace pain with supernatural joy as he leads you in pathways that honour his name!
  2. He restores your HEALTH – Let Jesus strengthen your body, reverse any damage and restore your youth so that you soar effortlessly like an eagle!
  3. He restores your TIME – Let Jesus remove the memory of wasted years and supernaturally enable you to catch up with your peers!
  4. He restores your POSSESSIONS – Let Jesus restore your land, rebuild your city and return all your stolen belongings, with more than what was taken from you!
  5. He restores your FINANCES – Let Jesus restore your fortunes and establish your retirement with his provisions for you!
  6. He restores your FAMILY – Let Jesus heal your relationships with parents and children as he turns their hearts back to you!
  7. He restores your FREEDOM – Let Jesus give you a full and unrestricted life much sooner than you were expecting!
  8. He restores your HONOUR – Let Jesus grant you double honour in place of shame and condemnation, for Jesus himself shall be your glory!

Friend, these promises of God are sure and firm. In Jesus they are YES and AMEN! God has commanded that you be restored 120% or even double what you have lost.

One day, Jesus will return to make this earth perfect again. But until that day, confidently expect a full restoration in this life, from Jesus your Restorer! In him, you will find REST in RESTORATION!

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