Jesus my Life Inside

Do you feel like a shell that’s empty inside? Do you want to be happy and full of life on the inside?

There’s someone saying to you,

“I have come that you may have LIFE, and have it to the full.”

“My purpose is to give you a rich and satisfying LIFE.”

“I came that you may have LIFE and have it abundantly.”

Dear friend, this person is JESUS. He wants you to have a rich, satisfying and abundant life that flows out from inside you.

Jesus loves you so much that he came to earth to die on a cross, so that your sins would be forgiven and you can receive new LIFE from God.

Once you become a follower of Jesus, expect to have an abundant and satisfying life because that’s what Jesus promised!

This life is free. Receive it from Jesus now and BE ALIVE! Visit to learn how.

As you discover more about Jesus every day with us, you’ll feel the life of Jesus flowing naturally from inside you! If you’re already a Christian, spend time with Jesus and feel yourself come alive again on the inside!

Today, read John 10:10 (NIV, NLT, ESV translations) in the bible.