Jesus my Freedom

Are you a free person? Have you experienced true freedom? Friend, today we’re going to discover something powerful – Jesus your FREEDOM!

Let’s take our time to study how we can be FREE!


Freedom is when a prisoner walks free after serving his jail sentence. His debt is paid. No more punishment!

Freedom is when a slave is released from his chains. Now he can choose how his life should be lived!

So friend, freedom is when you have (1) no more punishment and (2) no more slavery.


Jesus said that everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Have you sinned? Of course you have! All of us started out as slaves of sin. Sin was our master, and that means… (1) sin controls us, and (2) we will be punished for our sins.

The bible teaches us that those who sin will get death and God’s judgement in this life!

Friend, you and I need freedom from sin. We need it now!


You get total freedom when you receive Jesus Christ as Lord of your life.

You get freedom as a gift that you don’t deserve. Don’t even try working for it! Your freedom is a gift of God’s grace, it is immediate, and it is total.

Remember that the punishment for sin is death? But instead of letting you die for your sins, Jesus has already died for you. There is no more punishment from God. Friend, the punishment for your sins died when Christ died!

The bible says, if Jesus sets you free, you will be free indeed!

Jesus was raised from the dead and had a new life, a second life. We too receive new life together with Christ when we believe in him. It’s a second life! That’s what it means to be BORN AGAIN.


Friend, if you are freed from the slavery and punishment – you are FREE!

FREE to live as God created you to live, as a child of God.

FREE to live, without the fear of punishment.

FREE to expect God’s blessings as a righteous person.

And FREE to live forever, because God gives your spirit life forever, even after your body passes away!

When you stop being a slave of sin, you become a child of God. And God will guide you by his spirit to live an abundant and happy life. Jesus will teach you how you can use your freedom for good and not abuse it. He will show you how to live a FREE and fruitful life that benefits yourself and others.

Say now, “Dear Jesus, because of you, I have complete FREEDOM from the slavery and punishment of sin! How wonderful you are Lord Jesus, I love you!”

Don’t forget to check the bible:

John 8:34-36

Romans 6:23

Romans 6:20-23

Romans 7:1, 4-6

1 Corinthians 6:12

Galatians 2:19-20