Jesus’ Last Words

The very last words of Jesus on the cross were “It is finished!”. Have you ever wondered what he meant?

These 3 English words are the single Greek word ‘Tetelestai’.

The people living 2000 years ago, when Jesus cried out “Tetelestai!” just before he died on the cross, understood clearly what he meant.

When you finished a day’s WORK, you’d say to your boss “TETELESTAI”, meaning “my work is complete”.

When you completely paid off a DEBT, you’d be given a receipt with TETELESTAI stamped on it, meaning “paid in full”.

When a prisoner was released from jail, the piece of paper listing his offences would have TETELESTAI written across it, meaning “served in full”.

By shouting TETELESTAI just before he died, Jesus was saying, “I have finished my work. I have paid the debt. I have completed the sentence.”

Dear friend, since Jesus has paid in full for your sins, there is nothing more for you to do but believe in him and receive his complete righteousness!

[John 19:30, Romans 3:22]