Helpful Tips To Be A Successful Christian

Would you like to learn some practical tips to be a successful Christian? Here are some notes I made from James 1 (NIV). I hope that they help you!

  • We face different types of trials in life and they test our faith. But this makes us mature and complete as we learn to persevere, and then we won’t be lacking in any area of our life! (v.2-4)
  • We can ask God for wisdom when in need of it. And we mustn’t have any doubt that he will generously give us the wisdom we ask for! (v.5-8)
  • If we aren’t wealthy, we should boast about our position as children of God. And if we happen to be rich in this life, we should boast that our lives are just like a wild flower that withers with the heat of the sun! (v.9-11)
  • During trials, we must hang on and keep going. Once we’ve been tested by trials, we’ll be rewarded with the crown of life that God has promised us! (v.12)
  • God only gives us good and perfect gifts, and his biggest gift is new life in Christ. And since God is light and not like a changing shadow, he won’t tempt us to sin or give us anything that leads to death! (v.13-18)
  • Be slow to speak and slow to become angry, but be quick to listen to others. Receive the Word of God which saves us from sinning, and remove from our minds the evil and immoral things that many others are paying attention to. (v.19-21)
  • We are blessed when we do what the Bible teaches! When we take action, we won’t forget what we’ve learnt and will be blessed as we obey. (v.22-25)
  • Control your tongue and speak carefully, otherwise your religion is useless! God wants us to care for those in need and to keep ourselves from getting polluted by the ungodly things in his world. (v.26-27)

May the Lord bless you as you study the Bible for yourself!

Dear Father,

Thank you for strength to endure as we go through trials. We know that as our faith is tested, we become more and more mature and will not lack anything in this life. Lord, please pour out your wisdom on us!

Father we thank you for the gifts you’ve given us, and most of all for the gift of eternal life. We thank you for making us your children, whether we have plenty or have needs on earth!

Lord, we receive your Truth and ask for your help to obey your Word. We ask you for help to control what we say. Lord, we are depending on you to be holy and different from the world, because we are your beloved children.

In Jesus’ Name we pray,