Helped Because of His Righteousness!

Do you know why God SURELY comes to your rescue when you need help? It is because of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Look at what the Bible says,

“Listen to my prayer, Lord!

    Because of your faithfulness, hear my requests for mercy!

        Because of your righteousness, answer me!

“Make me live again, Lord, for your name’s sake.

    Bring me out of distress because of your righteousness.”

When we need help, we must depend on God’s righteousness, not our own!

Dear friend, we can never be righteous enough to deserve God’s help. In God’s eyes, our good deeds are like ‘filthy rags’. If you study what that means in the Bible, you’ll see that it’s our bodies, our human nature, that produces the uncleanness. It’s simply impossible to stop ourselves from producing pollution!

God’s righteousness is given to us in Jesus. When we receive Jesus and his perfection, we become the righteousness of God in Christ.

That’s why, whenever we need help, we can pray, “Father, because of Jesus, because of YOUR righteousness, rescue me!”

Psalm 143:1,11 CEB
2 Corinthians 5:21 NKJV
Isaiah 64:6

Dear Father,

Thank you for YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS which you have given us! Thank you Lord, giving us your Son, our Lord Jesus!

Father, we need your help today – for our work, our studies, our friends, our families and our health. Lord, we trust in YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS for everything that we need!

Our eyes are fixed on you, Lord!

In Jesus’ Name we pray…


Image © Greg Olsen