Happy New Year From Jesus!

Do you think Jesus said ‘Happy New Year’ while he lived as a man with us?

Jesus only lived for 33 years on earth, and at the beginning of each new year he must have been reminded that he was one year closer to the pain and sadness of the cross.

Yet the Bible says, “because his heart was focused on the JOY of knowing that you would be his, he endured the agony of the cross and conquered its humiliation.” Heb 12:2 TPT

Imagine that! Only someone who loved us like Jesus did could be HAPPY while looking forward to the cross!

He was happy because he knew that the cross would free you and me from the obligation to serve sin and death.

He was happy because his sacrifice liberated us forever from the guilt and condemnation of sins.

He was happy because finally, you and I can be friends with God, and have peace in our hearts.

Because of you, Jesus would have said “Happy New Year!” while looking forward to the cross.

And because of Jesus, you can declare “Happy New Year!” and mean every word that you say!

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for loving us so much! Thank you for choosing to go to the cross in our place, and for happily doing it even though it was a sad and painful experience!

Lord Jesus, because of you, we can be happy in 2022, and we say so! With you, all will be well. With you, all is well!

Lord Jesus, you are Lord of Heaven and earth, and you are Lord of 2022!

In the Name of Jesus we pray,