At The Right Time, It Will Happen Quickly!

Here’s a promise in the Bible which the Lord makes to the least among us.

Your sun will no longer go down,

nor will your moon disappear.

The Lord will be your everlasting light,

and your days of sadness will be over.

Then all your people will be righteous,

and they will possess the land permanently.

They will be the seedling I have planted,

the honored work of my hands.

The smallest of them will become a family.

The weakest of them will become a mighty nation.

At the right time I, the Lord, will make it happen quickly.”

Isaiah 60:20-22

This is a promise for the smallest and the weakest, for you and for me. Imagine being an honored work of God’s hands!

Dear friend, let’s wait on the Lord in faith, and believe that a future much bigger and better than we can imagine is going to happen.

We have a God of miracles, and in his time he will make you into a mighty nation where every person is righteous – and he will make it happen quickly!

Dear Lord,

You are our Waymaker, our Miracle-worker, our Promise-keeper.

The promises in the Bible are yours, and when we say ‘Amen!’ we open our hands to receive your promises!

We don’t have honour from people, but one day we will be the honoured work of your hands!

Only you can make it possible for us to become a family and a mighty nation, when we are so weak and small in this world.

It must be a miracle!

Lord, we believe you will make it happen quickly, so we wait on you, and together we say Amen!

In the Name of Jesus we pray,