Jesus is Here, Your Miracle is Here

Would you like your cup of water turned into wine? Well, Jesus instantly created over 600 liters of high quality wine at a wedding banquet from 6 pots of water!

There are 4 powerful lessons we can learn from this first miracle of Jesus recorded in John 2:1-11.

  1. Have no fear when Jesus is PRESENT!
    When the host invited Jesus, the Solution came. Jesus was present to solve the problem when it arose, and he is present with you right now. Don’t be afraid of anything!
  2. Expect MIRACLES when Jesus is present!
    It wasn’t grape juice turned into wine – it was water changed into wine, a completely different molecule. Jesus can transform the atomic structure of anything in your life right now!
  3. Jesus’ supply is BETTER!
    Jesus supplied good wine, much better than the host had been able to provide for his guests. And he will supply you with more than you can even ask or think!
  4. Jesus works for our GOOD!
    Jesus didn’t allow the host to be embarrassed by his own poor planning. He solved the problem and made the host look good in front of all his guests. You can trust Jesus to always work for our good!

Dear friend, Jesus is present with you 24/7 and you should expect miracles to happen! His supply will exceed your expectations, and it will work out for your good!